Integral log {(1/x)-1} from zero to one?????????????????

Integral log{(1/x)-1} from zero to one?????????????????

Grade:12th pass

2 Answers

Aditya Singh
28 Points
3 years ago
I= int \int_{0}^{1}log((1-x)/x)) (eq.1)
I= int \int_{0}^{1}log(x/(1-x)) {Since int_{0}^{a} f(x)dx= int_{0}^{a} f(a-x)dx}
I= int \int_{0}^{1} -log((1-x)/x))  (eq.2)
Adding eq.1& eq.2
Therefore I=0
Aditya Singh
28 Points
3 years ago
int_{0}^{1} means integral from zero to 1. I will unable to understand how this is to be entered in the form of maths equation and then I got no option to enter images. so sorry

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