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askIITians Master Franchisee


askIITians is a subsidiary of TransWeb Educational services Pvt. Ltd., a leading educational firm actively involved in providing educational services for every need. askIITians is India’s first educational portal offering completely online-interactive-realtime resources and video solutions for preparation of IIT-JEE and other engineering entrance exams. With pan-India customer base, the company is expanding at a very fast pace and is now looking towards International Shores also!!

And Now, Master Franchise On offer for askIITians national & international centre!! 

What is a Master Franchisee?

  •  Entirely owning the rights to a franchise area is known as a Master Franchise or Area Representative Franchise. This area can be either a metropolitan or an entire state.

  •  Master Franchise - A normal word in the business of Franchising but it has made people affluent by just sitting   at home!! No extra efforts, no additional trouble and yet many rewards!!

  • The Master Franchisee assists the Franchisor in the sales and development of the assigned territory in exchange for a share in the FRANCHISE FEES – charged from every new Franchise branch opened in the   territory, under his/her domain. The amount is normally pre-decided and mutually agreed upon by both the   Parent Franchise/Franchisor & the Master Franchisee.

Who is an askIITians Master Franchisee?

  • The askIITians Master Franchisee buys the rights to market and sell franchises within a specific allotted territory.

  •  With the askIITians Master Franchise, you will be able to tap the potential of so far untapped markets. With pan India customer base, and with plans to expand globally, askIITians is a name to reckon with!! Being connected with a nationally well known brand, the path to success is certain!

  • Owning an askIITians Master Franchise allows you all the benefits of building a franchise system without the risk of opening a new business. Further, the benefits of joining a business which is already a popular brand in the market are countless. With Advertising, Marketing, Training & PR support provided under the direct management of professionals with an established track record, you are sure to scale considerable heights with the Proven Successful askIITians Franchise Model. Besides the full support and guidance of TransWeb Educational services, you also profit from low overhead costs and a verified path to considerable financial rewards and personal satisfaction.

TransWeb Educational services have a strict business policy of accepting simply the best in the group and if accepted, you will be given the full help and support of TransWeb Educational services to build and flourish the askIITians Franchise Network in your area.

Interested.!! But confused as to where the rewards come in from? Read on to know more… 

TransWeb Educational services have a strong presence in Pan India and are expanding day by day to other regions with in India and world too. With already 7 askIITians centers in the operational stage and many in the pipeline, the Organization is moving forward day by day and is growing on the global scale also.

The primary responsibility of a Master Franchisee is to promote askIITians with in the allocated area and to generate Revenue from the sale of franchisee centers generated thereafter.  

To know more, connect with our Marketing Team through

askIITians Support Team – A Phone Call Away!!         

Comprising an gifted team of passionate, experienced professionals who are well versed in their work and have a proven track record of working in reputed organizations, the askIITians Support Team is simply a phone call away in time of any help.

Importance of being associated with a REPUTED BRAND NAME

TransWeb Educational services & askIITians– Reputed Brand Names are well known in the online tutorial market; predominantly an educational portal offering completely online-interactive-realtime resources and video solutions for every student needs. The brand is well known amid the Education Fraternity by its name only and requires no introduction. IITians are supposed to be amongst the best brains in the planet and being related to an organization run by ex-IITians, is a brand to associate with in the educational services domain. Moreover now, with its foray into expanding its brand internationally under the aegis of TransWeb Educational services – the profits to be earned with such an alliance…..will be PLENTY – in terms of Goodwill, Outreach, Revenues, Visibility – across all Media Channels, not to mention our strong Support System for all our Franchisees – A legacy we are proud of!

With experience being the main criteria and in-depth knowledge of field a perquisite while recruiting professionals, you, as a Franchise, can rest assured that the best work force would be chosen for you by our Expert Human Resource Panel!! These and many more benefits await you at the askIITians – tried & tested Franchise Model.

Proximity of askIITians Centers

We have a business policy to not open a new branch within a parameter of 5 kms of an existing centre so as not to affect the existing center’s profit generation. But, policy differs from region to region depending upon other factors.

How to be an askIITians Group’s MASTER FRANCHISEE?

The TransWeb Educational services have a very precise and distinct procedure of bringing a new franchisee on Board, to make sure the best result for all the parties concerned. We consider that it is very vital that you value our business and recognize not only the amount of effort involved but also the rewards to be harvested from building a new franchisee.

Prior to signing on as a MASTER FRANCHISEE, we have a series of meetings to communicate business proposals and to give you a chance to raise any queries or concerns you may have. For strategic grounds we will also see and discuss the Franchise region that you are considering.

Once your Master Franchise is confirmed and accepted, the final papers will be prepared, and once signed, your training will start prior to your office opening. We pay special importance on conveying the right mix of traditions & innovative methods during the Franchise Training Program, which is a necessity for every new Franchisee.

1.    Fill up the Enquiry Form

2.    First Call with B.D.M.

3.    Meeting & Subsequent Evaluation

4.    Sign Agreement & Complete Documentation

5.    Training & Orientation Sessions

6.    Commence your business


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Course Features

  • Video Lectures
  • Revision Notes
  • Previous Year Papers
  • Mind Map
  • Study Planner
  • NCERT Solutions
  • Discussion Forum
  • Test paper with Video Solution