Benefits of Askiitians Franchisee


A well known Established Brand

  • You shall be using Askiitians Brand which very well known among anybody whosoever is preparing for Engineering.

  • It is the most established Educational Brand

  • Supported by a enterprising establishment with years of experience.

  • Known for word of mouth publicity

  • A student base of 4500 + student all over India

  • Known for its result oriented approach.

Innovation based organization

  • It has been started by Ex-IITians and managed by highly qualified group of foreign management professional. 

  • First one in India to lunch the concept of “Smart Online classes” and “Budget Education”

  • Curriculum designed after extensive research by EX-IITians

  • Propounded the “Super League” program where students aim for world top 25 universities along with the scholarship along with prestigious IIT JEE coaching

  • Separate R&D division comprised of only educationist.

Proven success record and growing future

  • More than 800 results in IIT JEE 2010

  • Success support system which guarantees “Just In Time” Delivery

  • Proven track record of franchisee model

  • A hassle free and holistic approach for business growth.

  • A recession proof concept.

  • A hundred percent sustainable model.

Exclusive rights for territory

  • Only one time license fee payment

  • Exclusive rights of territory is granted

  • Ensures safety of franchisee investment

Guaranteed returns on investment

  • Franchisee can decide fee for his / her territory

  • No hidden cost

  • Profit sharing in School Integration Program

  • Assistance in raising revenue and profit

  • Less royalty to franchisor

  • A sense of belonging and ownership

  • Invest less time and earn maximum

  • Work without compromise, work with comfort

Best support system – a totally hassle free approach

  • Assured personal support in establishing the centre 

  • Full marketing support  

  • All material design support 

  • All supply and logistics – Study material, Test series, daily practice papers 

  • Advice on installation, maintenance and upgradation of IT hardware, software and systems.  

  • NO need to purchase 

  • Each centre has a dedicated pool of faculty (only Ex-IITians) 

  • Best pool of faculty available in India. 

  • Each centre has a dedicated team for operations 

Recruitment and Training

  • Constant support from corporate office 

  • No cost involved in training – all support form Askiitians 

  • Totally Hygiene business for franchisee.

Marketing Support

  • Support for launching the centre – complete architectural design

  • Up-to-date marketing plan

  • Promotion of centre through Askiitians website

  • Effective marketing in fewer budgets.


Upto 50% Scholarship on Live Classes

Course Features

  • Video Lectures
  • Revision Notes
  • Previous Year Papers
  • Mind Map
  • Study Planner
  • NCERT Solutions
  • Discussion Forum
  • Test paper with Video Solution