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About askIITians and eMedicalprep

AskIITians and eMedicalprep are India’s first & only organization focused on online education for IIT JEE and PMT. AskIITians is an independent, unbiased & self regulated organization which provides education assessment & bench-marking on a national level for IIT JEE/AIEEE/PMT/CBSE through testing.  Askiitians helps students preparing for different exams by exposing them to tests & subsequently giving them feedback about their performance on national level.

“National Resource Centre” Program

Through “National Resource Centre” we partner with leading coaching institutes of the country to offer independent unbiased national level testing services to their students at a subsidized price within the premises of the coaching institute.

"Providing national level study material and test series in your coaching not only helps in boosting the image of the coaching but also discourages your good students to enroll in the test series of other coaching institutes. This way you can avoid your students getting distracted by other coaching institutes and at the same time attract other good students of your city."

Test Plan

ASKIITIANS/eMedicalprep would offer national level test series for students preparing for IIT/PMT/AIEEE.


No. of Test’s


No. of Part Tests


(3 hours combined test of PCM/PCB)

No. of Full Tests


(based on the pattern of IIT/PMT/AIEEE)

Total Tests


(8 Part + 2 Full Tests)

Total Fees

Rs. 2,200


Fee Structure:


AskIITIans Share + Associates Share + Service Tax

Rs. 2,200

Rs. 1,000 + Rs. 1,000 + Rs. 200

Each test would be followed by detailed performance analysis report which would highlight strong and weak points of a student. The student would also be able to compare subject and aggregate score with All India highest and average score. Both the full tests would be conducted on the exact pattern of IIT JEE/PMT/AIEEE.

Advantage to Coaching Institute

  • Coaching institutes will be able to provide National Level Test Series in addition to their Test Series to the students and can hence discourage its students enrolling in test series of other institutes.

  • Gets rid of the headache of testing (making question paper, typing,  checking,  printing, executing and processing the result)

  • Comes to know the strong/weak areas of his students vis a vis competition across the country which can help him in aligning his teaching content.

  • Coaching institutes will be able to provide a professional testing environment to his students which would bring in more seriousness and hence more results.

  • Standardized tests would provide better information to coaching institutes which would aid teaching content and methodology of a coaching institute.

In addition to above by adopting external testing the coaching institutes will be able to show the value to parents. It would also help in building a more progressive image of the coaching institute which in turn attracts more students.

Advantage to the Students

  • Tested by an independent organization at National level.

  • Gets services at a very economical price.

  • Students will be able to compare his individual achievement vis a vis students across the country.

  • Comes to know his strengths and weakness which can help in designing a smart preparation program.

The Process

  • Meeting between Coaching Institute and ASKIITIANS representative to discuss the proposal and its implementation in detail.

  • The Coaching Institute will signs an MOU with ASKIITIANS for participating in the NTP program.

  • ASKIITIANS designs the test and sends the test paper along with OMR sheet to the coaching institute.

  • Coaching Institute will conducts the test and sends the copies to ASKIITIANS Corporate office in NOIDA.

  • The copies will be checked and evaluated.

  • Results will be then displayed with detailed solutions and performance analysis report.

Deliverables by AskIITians

  • AskIITians will send the question papers and response sheets to the coaching institutes.

  • On receipt of response sheets AskIITians will send the detailed result to the coaching institute.

 Detailed Results and Analysis

     The result of each test is given in the form of following reports:

  • All India Result: This sheet gives the overall marks of the student, the %age, the strike rate (accurate rate) and the All India Rank.

  • Subject wise test report: This report analyses the subject-wise performance of the student within the institute. This report is useful to find out which subject the student is good at and which subject he has been left behind. This report gives the subject-wise marks of the student, the subject-wise attempt, correct, wrong questions and the subject wise rank, along with the overall rank in the Institute. The subject-wise marks will help a student in knowing his strong and weak subjects and subsequently take the corrective measures.

  • Question Wise Response Report: This report gives analysis of the response of your students against each question in the test. This report will help the Institute/Teacher in knowing which question most of the students are doing right and which more than 80% of the students, this can mean that the students are confused in the concept involved in Q. No.1 and 2. Similarly if in Q.No.30, 31, 35, 36 you see that approximately 60% of the students have left the questions it can mean that the students do not know the concept or confused involved in the questions.

ASKIITIANS also provides its Study Package for:


  • PMT


  • Foundation IIT/PMT

AskIITians / eMedicalprep Resource Centre

    At the resource centre we will provide following products:

  • IIT JEE/PMT study material – Rs. 6000

  • IIT JEE/AIEEE/PMT test series – online – 2,000/offline – 2,200

  • Recorded DVDs of live classes for Engineering and Medical – 9,000

  • DPPs – 3,000

You will also be an askIITians and eMedicalprep authorized partner in your locality. Each Student who visits the centre, will be invited to view a demo of his /her desired subject at the centre. After that, if the student enrolls, the 20% flat of the whole fee will be given to you.

Partnership/Association fee

 The partnership fee is Rs. 18,000 which is non-refundable. A kit of all the products will be provided to the associates which is included in the partnership fee.

Rs. 5,000 will be charged extra for the brochure and display board at the centre and courier charges.

Share of coaching institutes

  • IIT JEE/PMT study material – Rs. 6000 – You get 2,000

  • IIT JEE/AIEEE/PMT test series – online – 2,000/offline – 2,200 – you get 1,000

  • Recorded DVDs of live classes for Engineering and Medical – 9,000 – you get 3,000

  • DPPs – 3,000 – you get 1,000

The Institute would in turn act as a resource centre on behalf of askiitians/emedicalprep in their premises. The Institute will make the final transfer of fees in favor of TransWeb Educational Services Pvt. Ltd.


Upto 50% Scholarship on Live Classes

Course Features

  • Video Lectures
  • Revision Notes
  • Previous Year Papers
  • Mind Map
  • Study Planner
  • NCERT Solutions
  • Discussion Forum
  • Test paper with Video Solution