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Grade: 12th pass
        Calculate the ratio of pH of a solution containing 1 mole of CH3COONa + 1 mole of HCI per litre and of other solution containing 1 mole CH3COONa + 1 mole of acetic acid per litre. detailed solution plz
3 years ago

Answers : (2)

Mr David
11 Points
							H+^ + CH3COO-^=CH3COOH1.           1.               0                                 1pH=pka+log(1÷1) solve to getpH (1)=pkaSimilarly pH2=pka+ log (conj base÷acid) which is also 1;pH2=pka Ratio =1:1 . I think the data of HCl is wrong  .It is 0.5moles👍👍👍
2 years ago
Mudit Dharma
13 Points
First 1 there is no buffer since only HCl gives 1 mole of H+ which gives pH -1.      2nd One there is buffer where pH=pKa as log 1/1 =0.  pKa =4.75 as Ka=1.75*10^-5 you get the ration as -2.01
one year ago
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