sir can u plz sugesst me what topics to study at last moment to maximum use

sir can u plz sugesst me what topics to study at last moment to maximum use


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14 years ago

Dear Mr. Jha;

For iit jeee there is no fixed weitage, it vary from year to year... if you will see the pattern of last year papers,then you will find that question were framed in such a way that it include more than one chaptre. and in whole paper almost entire syllabus are covered .so it is not advisable to leave any topic. But the important topics for last moments are. Maths: calculus(area under curves), Vectors, Complex numbers, co-ordinate geometry(2D) Quadratic equations, PC & probability. Physics: Optics, Modern physics, Thermodynamics, A/C circuits, Fluid mechanics, Chemistry: chemical bonding, Aldehydes, ketones, carboxylic acids, Alkenes, alkynes, stereo and geometrical isomerism, transition elements,electro chemistry,periodic properties, kinetics and equilibrium.

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