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what are the chapters that we have to complete to clear jee mains and to score above140 in jee mains?

what are the chapters that we have to complete to clear jee mains and to score above140 in jee mains?


2 Answers

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2 years ago


  • Sets , Relation , MR, MI , Stats , Height and Distance :
    • Approx 1 easy question per chapter : 5 Q
    • Do the theory formulas and definitions.
  • Straight line , Circle ,Conics :
    • 4 questions of Ncert level only.
    • Fastly go through examples of RD Sharma and Ncert
  • Complex , Pnc , BT , Trigo id and Equations, Log n Expo series :
    • 5 questions including a good tricky part.
    • Solve previous year question of this chapter and mock papers.
  • AP/GP/HP , Function , Probablity , Quadratic n Inequalities
    • 5 questions needing good knowledge of topic.
    • Study JEE concepts for this.
  • LCD (Limit, continuity, Differentiability) , AOD
    • 1+2 RD Examples similar question : 3Q
    • Leave rest for once , Do RD examples.
  • Definite, Indefinite Integral, Diff. Equations , Area under Curve
    • 4 questions requiring a new methods.
    • Practice all variety of Integrals atleast 4 questions of all types in RD.
    • If you don’t know the method , don’t wait.
  • Vector , 3D , Matrices and Determinant
    • 4 questions 1–1–1–1 Includes multiple topics of Jee to solve
    • Understand and practice all topics of institute material or Arihant/Cengage.

Chemistry :-

  • Mole concept , Coordination compounds , Redox , Electrochemistry
    • 3 Q Ncert Level.
    • Read Ncert and solve all Question.
  • Atomic Structure, Gaseous State, Qualitative analysis
    • 4 Q from high level concepts.
    • Use IITJEE books to solve examples of different topics.
  • Solid State, Solution, Kinetics
    • 3 Q related to Ncert examples.
    • Learn all formulas and practice applying.
  • Periodic Properties, Bonding , S- block , hydrogen
    • 4 Q on Theoritical point.
    • Any short notes will do. Revise more these.
  • P-block , D and F Block ,
    • 3 Q Reaction or reasoning.
    • Fixed points and reactions in Ncert . Learn , with stoichiometry.
  • Metallurgy, Environmental , Surface Chemistry ,Chemistry in Everyday life, Polymer, Biomolecules
    • 5 Q from mugged up words and ‘names’.
    • Make Notes of every chapter in 2 pages . Paste them on walls.
    • 12/20 would be fine.
  • GOC, Nomenclature, Reaction intermediate
    • 2Q on basic Organic.
    • Acidity , Basicity , Naming Rules.
  • Hydrocarbons and Groups - Halogen , Alcohol , Phenol, Ether, Carbonyls , Carboxylic Acid, Nitro , Amine, Azo,
    • 4Q on Reaction mechanisms.
    • Ncert Reactions and any refresher’s Examples too.
  • Thermodynamics , Thermo-chemistry and Energetics
    • 2 Q . 1- numerical , 1- reasoning.
    • Laws and Formulas.

Physics :-

  • Units, Dimension, Measurement, Vectors, Error
    • 2Q. Dont use Ncert, just do a few example from Material/ Arihant.
    • Your scoring here depends on practical knowledge of concepts.
  • Kinematics, NLM, Friction , Work energy power.
    • 4Q needing basic conceptual level but broad thinking.
    • I Repeat, broad. Don't come out with silly mistakes here.
  • Rotational , Gravitation
    • 3Q . A bit derivations here.
    • JEE level formulaes derivations : do them 4 time with pen and you wont regret that.
  • Solids, Fluids, Heat tranfer , Calorimetry.
    • 4Q. 2 numericals and 2 statments based reasoning.
    • Read Ncert wisely and examples there.
  • Heat and Thermodynamics , Expansion :
    • 2Q. 1 would surely similar from those in Ncert . Rest its THERMO.
    • Have a good time in upcoming days with all thermo material you have. Still , it would be surprize.
  • SHM Waves , Wave and Ray optics :
    • 5Q. 2 theoritical n 3 numerical. Generally, the JEE level theory is asked.
    • Study good topics a bit more than Ncert like Rainbow , Eye diseases, Spectrum , Damping , Forced oscillator.
  • Electrostats, Capacitors , Current , Magnetic Effects
    • 4Q. All from integrated multiple concepts.
    • No direct questions. Do previous year tricky question of these and then practice such problems from Material.
  • Magnetism , EMI , AC
    • 3Q. 1 num from AC and 2 judgemental Q about direction or polarity.
    • Universal or jee main section from Material : Max possible question. Do all different ones.
  • EMW , Modern physics , Semi conductors :
    • 3Q. Mugged up points n Formulaes.
    • Learning points from ncert , Numericals from board refresher.
Avni Sharma
24 Points
one year ago
I think a good way to understand the important topics needed to clear jee mains is by solving past year jee question paper 2019. You should also see the JEE Main 2020 paper analysis for a better understanding. I was also trying to find answer to your question last night. Then i came across this article.

You should also read this once. All the best friend.


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