dear sir i just want ask you that how we should study to score a good rank in IIT JEE....

dear sir

                   i just want ask you  that how we should study to score a good rank in IIT JEE....


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Sher Mohammad IIT Delhi
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9 years ago

Kinematics– Very simple questions are asked. If you keep thedefinitionsin mind, then all questions will be easy
Newton’s laws of motion– Knowing how to draw afree body diagramwill greatly help in solving almost all problems of this chapter
Simple harmonic motion– Energy conservation method will be useful in findingtime periodin even the most complicated cases ofSHM
First law of thermodynamics– Knowing thestatement of energy conservationwill help you to solve a number ofnumericalsandtheoretical questionsas well
Current Electricity– A good practice ofKirchoff’s lawproblems will help you to score cent percent in this topic
Radioactive decay– Theradioactivity decay formulawill be the most useful tool in solving almost all the problems

Conic sections– Knowing theformulaswell will help you. Theparametric formis one of the most useful tool in solving problems of conics
Quadratic Equations– knowing thefundamental propertiesregarding nature of roots /intervals in which roots liewill help you
Progression and series– very scoring and simple chapter. Knowing thedefinitionsand practising ample of problems would be useful
Differentiation– Keeping theformulasin mind will help.Geometric interpretation of derivativeis an important concept. A number of simple questions are asked which can be done with ease
Vector Algebra– Knowing how tovisualize the situationwill be useful. The concepts of vector and scalar triple products are most scoring

Alkyl Halides– Simple questions based onreactivity / type of reactionsare asked and can be cracked easily
Electrophilic aromatic substitution reactions of benzene– standard reactions are the most important.Direct questionsare asked from this chapter
Chemical Equilibrium- Knowing the basicequation of equilibriumalong with a proficiency in solvingideal gas equationproblems will definitely fetch you full marks
Chemical Kinetics–First order reactionsare asked in JEE and are easy if you know the basic definitions
Ores and Metallurgy-Standard questionsare asked which can be done easily
Coordination compounds-isomerismis an important but easy topic and you can easily score 100% in this

sher mohammad
askiitians faculty

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