What are the most scoring topics in PCM for IIT JEE?

What are the most scoring topics in PCM for IIT JEE?


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Ashwin Sinha
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12 years ago

Dear Vaibhav Hirwani,

In Physics be strong in thermodynamics,optics,modern physics,electronics and communication and properties of matter.

In maths the following chapters consist of more questions 
coordinate geometry, integral Calculus , vector , dimensional geometry and determinants, trigonometry.

In chemistry get strong in Organic and Inorganic Chemistry,Physical chemistry.


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Godfrey Classic Prince
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12 years ago

Dear Vaibhav Hirwani,

These are the most scoring topics in IIT-JEE ...


Solid state , Electrochemistry , Thermodynamics,Soultions, Organic in whole is important (Practice as much as possible) Chemical bonding ,Atomic Structure, P block elements ,  D and F block elements and Co-ordination chemistry are likely the scoring topics according to me in Chemistry !


Vectors,3-dimensional geometry(Takes nothing out of you),Matrixes & Determinants,Integration especially definite integration(if you do it seriously),Complex Numbers(really simple),Probability(simple again),Circles,Parabola ....these are the easy topics according to me in Mathematics !


Modern Physics,Kinematics,Waves,Mechanics(Rotational Motion),X-Rays(do this seriously)

Logic Gates(Imp. as anything)


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Tej Ray
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12 years ago

Dear Vaibhav,

Below are the Important topics For IIT-JEE :

Physics :


  • Modern Physics


  • Electromagnetic Induction


  • Electrostatics


  • Optics


  • Heat & Thermodynamics


  • Waves


  • Properties of Matter


  • Rotation


  • General Physics


  • Magnetics


Chemistry :


  • Aldehydes & Ketones


  • Alcohol  Alkyl Hallides &Ether


  • General Organic Chemistry


  • Transition Elements & Coordination Compounds


  • s & p-block elements


  • Electrochemistry


  • States of Matter


  • Bonding & Molecular Structure


  • Heat & Thermodynamics


  • Amines  Aniline & Nitro COmpounds


  • Chemical & Ionic Equilibrium


  • Solutions

Maths :


  • Complex Numbers


  • Theory of Equations


  • Seqeunces & Series


  • Probability


  • Matrices & Determinants


  • Application of Derivatives


  • Circle


  • Properties of Triangles


  • Vectors


  • 3-D Geometry


  • FUnctions


  • Limits




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