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Grade: 11


A train of mass M is moving on a circular track or radius R with a constant speed V. The length of the train is half of the perimeter of the track.What will be the linear momentum of the train. Plz tell in detail...

4 years ago

Answers : (2)

Vikas TU
13784 Points
Hello Gunit,
I would like to inform U that one of the Askiitians Expert has already answered this question asked very earlier.
4 years ago
Rishi Sharma
askIITians Faculty
614 Points
							Dear Student,
Please find below the solution to your problem.

The train fits onto the semicircle and has symmetry about the y−axis as shown in the figure below.
For the two points shown on the semicircle, we resolve the velocity v
into horizontal and vertical components.
Since the two points are symmetrical about the y−axis, the magnitude of the vertical components(y-components) will be equal and point along y^​ and −y^​ directions respectively.
Hence, both will cancel out.
The horizontal components(x-components) will point along the x−axis.
Mass of the Train=M;
Length of the Train=L=πR;
Mass per unit length=λ=πRM​;
Take a small element at an angle θ on the semicircle which subtends angle dθ.
Let dm be the mass of this small element.
Let dl= Length of the small element=Rdθ;

Thanks and Regards
3 months ago
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