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why doesn't a particle fall in its centre due to centripetal force in circular motion?

why doesn't a particle fall in its centre due to centripetal force in circular motion?


1 Answers

suryakanth AskiitiansExpert-IITB
105 Points
10 years ago

Dear saurabh,

Consider the following example

Imagine a ball tied to a cord and swung so that the ball moves in a circle with a constant speed. 

The ball is kept in the circular path by the tension in the cord that pulls it towards the centre of the circle.  If there is any doubt about the direction of the force on the ball, let the cord snap as the ball circles the centre .  Immediately, in the absence of the restraining centripetal force, the ball flies off at a tangent with the speed it had when the cord snapped.

So,it is the tangential velocity of the body that keeps the body from not falling into its centre.

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All the best.

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