AskIITians Toolbar

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The very first icon, the askIITians logo, on the left most side of the askiitians toolbar gives you a number of options. The dropdown menu while providing access to different channels it also allows you to moderate your toolbar.

Click on the sub-menu arrow next to “askiitians” and you’ll get the following options:

Profile: it takes you to the homepage where you can simply log in with your user Id and password and access your account.

Tell a friend: refer your friends to askIITians using this.

Find us: takes you to one of our official Ids on Facebook. If you are already logged in on Facebook, you can simply add us to your contacts; alternately you can log in and then add us.

Channel: Has for you all the videos of askIITians on YouTube.

About: informs you about the technicalities of the toolbar.

Refresh toolbar: to ensure that you have all the latest added features on your askiitian toolbar.

Clear search history: in case you want to remove from the list something you looked for recently.

Shrink toolbar: and retain only the various icons or un-shrink it, according to your convenience.

Toolbar options: customize your toolbar. Keep everything you need, hide the rest.

The Search Box : you can enter your keyword in this box and search for it. By default the search would be on Google.

Go: here, you can specify your search criteria in the drop down menu. You can choose to search on Google, askIITian, or on the Dictionary.

Highlighter : using this, you can highlight and thus search any term on your currently open page. 

My Tests : you can access your test- series through this. In case you’re already logged in, it will take you directly to the page where you can see all the details of your past and upcoming tests. Alternately, log in and enjoy!!

Ask Us: takes you directly to the discussion forum where you can ask a question, see the recent posts and interact with other askiitians.

My Study Material : click on the icon (stack of books) to get to the page where you have all the details of your course material and syllabus. Alternatively, click on the sub- menu arrow; choose from among Physics, Chemistry, Math and you’ll reach the relevant page.

@ [ ] : this helps you configure your mails. All you need to do is to add any of your e-mail address here, and you’ll be updated about every new mail in your inbox instantly.

Facebook Log in : using the Facebook icon here, you can directly log on to your Facebook account, with your user Id and password.

Games : clicking on this icon gives you a number of options for games. You can play anything from among Chess, Sudoku, Marbles, 8- ball, Tic Tac Toe, Hidden Expedition etc.

You Tube : click on the icon, get to the YouTube home page and watch your favorite videos.

Ping : here, you get the messages that we send to you.

Cal C : this is your very own Scientific Calculator, with all the options and functions you would need.

Alerts : the icon will be on your status bar. You don’t have to do anything; this is meant for us to alert you instantly about anything and everything. You can enable / disable it using your toolbar options.

Keep refreshing the toolbar.. you can find a new and interesting option any time !!