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Grade: 11
Which of the following has maximum ionic character
A. cacl2 B. Cdcl2 C. Bacl2 D. Becl2
one year ago

Answers : (2)

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Answer is C Bacl2  bacl2 has maximum ionic character because BA iron has ns2 and np6 configuration that is it forms Ba2+ plus ion and bacl2 have electronegativity more than 1.7 that is why it is considered to be an ionic bond
one year ago
Vikas TU
11761 Points
Ionic character of any molecule depends on the size of cation, anion and on the charges of cation and anion.
In the given example we are provided with same anion so the size and charge of the anion is same in all the cases i.e. Cl^-.
Now consider the cations they all are alkaline earth metals having +2 charge so here also charge is same in every case.
So the only thing which we need to consider is the size of cation. As we know as we move down the group size of atoms goes on increasing. So here the increasing order of size is:
Be, Mg, Ca, Ba
Now according to Fajan's rule
Larger the size of cation and smaller the size of anion favours ionic character in molecules.
Now in the given example we know that Be is smallest in size while Ba is largest one. So the increasing order of ionic character is:
BeCl2, MgCl2, CaCl2, BaCl2.
P.S. I even can explain the basis of Fajan's rule if you want to know so feel free to comment your doubts.
Thanks for reading.
11 months ago
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  • Study Planner
  • NCERT Solutions
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