can a body be said to be at rest as well as in motion at the same time?

can a body be said to be at rest as well as in motion at the same time?



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Aman Bansal
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12 years ago

Daer Sam,

The terms  'rest ' and 'motion' are relative terms and a body in motion wrt to a frame of reference and at rest with respect to other.

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Aman Bansal

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Shafaat Ahmad
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12 years ago

Yes if you are talking relatively. If you are standing still at one place, then you are at rest with respect to your immediate surrounding objects but since the earth is rotating, so you are in motion with respect to the universe.

Giri Gaurav Bhatnagar
18 Points
12 years ago

Yes . The position of a body depends on the reference point taken and thus it can be said in motion or at rest..

 For eg. A moving train is in motion for a person standing on the station platform but it is at rest for a person sitting inside in the coach. Thus as the reference changes the description of the motion.Laughing

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