How To Plan For Studying IIT-JEE & Other Competitive Exams...?

How To Plan For Studying IIT-JEE & Other Competitive Exams...?


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Hello younh student;

 This is a realy good question. an i am feeling happy to this answer. there should be some precaution before real examination. your timing of study may be in night. if this is so , change this as soon as possible. and try to solve a question paper at same time so that your mind can work at real test timing otherwise this may creat problem.

Second thing just study by your old note (coaching/class). Do not search any new materials to study and not even new concept that may loose your confidence. yes also mugg all the formulas of all subject. there will not be any time to proof any formula. So match your timeing with real exam timing.For IITJEE , do not study out of syllubus just study which is given in prospectus.

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