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Grade: 11
        I don't get too much time to study as I have to manage both school and IIT. 

7am > Noon = school
1pm = Lunch
2pm = Rest
3pm = Shower and getting ready
4pm > 8:30 = IIT classes
9pm = Dinner
11:30 = Sleep

When should I study, and how should I manage my time? Kindly advice me.
10 years ago

Answers : (1)

Pratham Ashish
17 Points

hi smit,

after seeing ur schedule i got really cofused if u got hardly any time for studying n hw r u managing both at a time.... in these situation, i wud suggest u dat u must hav joined iit coaching only in d it is d best option available to a jee aspirant if he has to go school at a regular basis as u can cover d whole thing taught during weekends in d week days n u also can give time to ur school as d recent jee papers mostly focusses on d need of school education so it wud be better for u to join coaching during weekends as many of my frends from delhi use to hav d same routine .....

but if u r n't able to do den it totally depends on u dat hw r u going to study at d weekends as dis r d two days which u got for try to utilise des two days properly n i think u can do ur coaching assignments during weekends but it wud be better if u can go thru ur coaching notes on d same day in d night before going to it is d most important part of ur preparation , u must be clear abt concepts..

Also u can do ur coaching assignments in ur classes at ur school if u think dat dey r not so much in d end i wud say dat u hav to be very efficient in ur approach ..

10 years ago
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