How to prepare short notes for chemistry? Is there book/pdf recommended?

How to prepare short notes for chemistry?
Is there book/pdf recommended?


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3 years ago
Making notes is very easy but to make efficient ones is a bit tricky.
Rules to follow:
1.Know what your syllabus is and what is important from examination point of view.
2. Write down the reactions on paper in Red ink so as to make it look important and it subconsciously registers in your head. And below that write down the definition of the process and its uses in black.
3. Make your notes short and sweet. Example:
“Today is raining and tomorrow will be a sunny day.”
4. For inorganic chemistry have headings in black and body in different colors(yellow, blue, pink) depending upon the importance of the text.
5. Don’t take more than 2 mins on a page or else you'll get very tired and bored.
6. And make your notes in small-sized paper rather than using a whole page. It makes notes look short motivates and makes you think it’ll be easy to study it.
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3 years ago
Make a short consisting around 50-60 pages inclusive of 11th and 12th and moreover from not any reference book, I prefer you to make it through ncert textbook since at the last time revisions it can fetch Your all requirements
First highlight the important points whatever you feels and whatever questions being asked in past years and jot it down and at last write down each and every formula in that including exceptions and write it down in different colours so that your brain easily catch up,and when it comes to organic part write down important mechanics as well important reactions and try to understand the mechanism instead of cramming blindly
And after you are completely done with ncert textbook,go through your reference for some things which are not present in ncert and practice hell lot of questions from it
You can refer quota or Google for some good reference book according to your requirements
Thank you
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2 years ago
prefer your own short note if you dont have then download allen handbook sft copy from internet.................
Vikas TU
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2 years ago
Notes of chemistry should be with examples, activities and the equations. The explanations can be written in one line.
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2 years ago
According to me, the most important things to keep in mind while making chemistry notes is-                                   1. Write all balanced equations                                                                                                                                      2. Write all the definitions                                                                                                                                            3. Make different colours for different parts of equaton for ex- Black for reactants, blue for products, red for catalyst and green for other stuff like colour and state to make it attractive.                                                                                                                                                                                             

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