wat is cutoff marks in iit aeronautics and biotechnology??

wat is cutoff marks in iit aeronautics and biotechnology??


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14 years ago

Dear babu

                                                                                  Opening Rank      Closing Rank

IIT Guwahati BIOTECHNOLOGY B.Tech. 4 Yr)                                 2560      3162

IIT Bombay  AEROSPACE ENGINEERING (B.Tech. 4Yr)                    218              1249
IIT Bombay  AEROSPACE ENGINEERING (Dual Degree)                     547       1562
IIT Delhi  BIOTECHNOLOGY ( Dual Degree)                                    1587       2503
IIT Kharagpur AEROSPACE ENGINEERING (B.Tech. 4Yr)                    1363      1777
IIT Kharagpur BIOTECHNOLOGY (B.Tech. 4Yr)                               1986       2553
IIT Kharagpur AEROSPACE ENGINEERING (Dual Degree)                  1803       1981
IIT KharagpurBIOTECHNOLOGY  ENGG (Dual Degree)                      2593       2761
IIT Kanpur  AEROSPACE ENGINEERING (B.Tech. 4Yr)                        1058      1504
IIT Kanpur  BIOENGINEERING (B. Tech. 4Yr)                                   1170       2599
IIT Kanpur AEROSPACE ENGINEERING (Dual Degree)                         1432       1599
IIT Madras AEROSPACE ENGINEERING (B.Tech. 4Yr)                         394              1608
IIT Madras BIOTECHNOLOGY (B.Tech. 4 Yr)                                     1669       2186
IIT Madras AEROSPACE ENGINEERING ( Dual Degree)                       1422       1814
IIT Madras BIOTECHNOLOGY (  Dual Degree)                                1881       2686
IIT Roorkee BIOTECHNOLOGY (B.Tech. 4 Yr)                                2257              2910


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Avesh Kumar
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11 years ago

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