How I practice for JEE mains and. I am in class 11th ? What books I prefer ? ....

How I practice  for JEE mains and. I am in class 11th ?
What books I prefer ?


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5 years ago
First of all, read NCERT books thoroughly. It will help you clear concepts as well as prepare you for JEE Mains. Solve about 50% problems from the back questions. Don't waste much time in it and if you feel them easy just recall the method, don;t solve fully. The solve some standard books like maybe H.C.Verma for physics, S.L.Loney (trigonometry and co-ordinate geometry). And if you wish you should solve study material of some good coaching; Brilliant Tutorials is advised but it's upon you. I would say "Practice makes a man perfect." So according to me, solve as much as you can, increase your speed and accuracy. And the most important thing is that get your doubts cleared from your teachers; do not keep them pending and piling up. Also never panic in these two years' preparation. Be bold. Stay strong. You might observe some failures but learn from your each silly mistake in every exam (maybe note it down as I used to). This helps you in avoiding the same mistake again. Also enjoy your life, stop studying when you are saturated i.e. the situation in which you can't study more because you had been studying from a long time. If you are worried right now reading this article, don't worry, stay happy. Only then you can give your best as we all know that input=output only if efficiency =100%. All the best!!!

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