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Osmosis occurs through A) semi permeable membrane B) selectively permeable membrane C) fully permeable membrane D) impermeable membrane (NTSE question)

Osmosis occurs through 
A) semi permeable membrane 
B) selectively permeable membrane
C) fully permeable membrane
D) impermeable membrane (NTSE question)


5 Answers

Akash sharam
51 Points
2 months ago
  • Osmosis is a biophysical phenomenon occurring commonly in biologic systems, in which cells of fluid compartments are separated by semipermeable membranes. Osmosis describes the diffusion of the solvent through a semipermeable membrane.
12 Points
2 months ago
but in the ncert selectively permeable membrane is given . So what should i do. Pls guide as ntse is organised by ncert
Akash sharam
51 Points
one month ago
semipermiable membrane is more correct. In case semipermiable is not given then tick selective permiable.
irshad hussain
100 Points
28 days ago
The diffusion of water through a selectively permeable membrane is called osmosis. This allows only certain particles to go through including water and leaving behind the solutes including salt and other contaminants. In the process of reverse osmosis, thin-film composite membranes (TFC or TFM) are used.
irshad hussain
100 Points
28 days ago


  1. Diffusion is the movement of molecules from higher to lower concentration, it occurs in both gases as well as liquids. 
  2. Osmosis is the movement of water from higher to lower concentration, against the concentration gradient through the semi-permeable plasma membrane.
  3. Impermeable means not allowing the substance to pass through it.
  4. Differentially impermeable is a selectively permeable membrane which is almost impermeable to solutes but completely permeable to solvents.
  5. The fluid mosaic model is the modern model of the plasma membrane in which proteins are embedded in the layers of lipid.
  6. The micellar theory states that protoplasts and some of its contents are only primarily and are micellar ( a unit structure made up of many molecules or ions ).
  7. Endocytosis is the process of engulfing food by the invagination of the membrane and forms a vacuole.
  8. Exocytosis is the process of removal of food by the cell, it requires energy.
  9. Passive transport is the movement of ions and substances across the membrane without the use of energy.
  10. Active transport is the movement of ions and molecules across the plasma membrane against the concentration gradient and needs energy.
  11. Microvilli are the small finger-like projections on the surface of the membrane to increase the surface area for absorption.
  12. Desmosomes are the structure that attaches two adjacent cells to each other.
  13. Chemoreception is a physiological process where the organisms respond to chemical stimuli.
So, the correct answer is 'Osmosis'. 

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