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The number of waves for 3rd electron of lithium atom are 2. can you please explain....

The number of waves for 3rd electron of lithium atom are 2.


can you please explain....


1 Answers

sushant singh
66 Points
10 years ago


As in the case of helium, the increase in nuclear charge to +3 produces a corresponding reduction in the size of the lithium 1s orbital. In sharp contrast to this compact inner orbital is the very large and very diffuse cloud of the outer 2s electron. There are two reasons why this 2s cloud is so large.The first reason is that the principalquantum number n has increased from 1 to 2. 

Lithium's, 2s electron cloud is bigger than 1s even in the hydrogen atom with a nuclear charge of only +1. A second reason is that the two 1s electrons are usually closer to the nucleus than the 2s electron. These two 1s electrons have the effect of screeningor shielding the outer electron from the full attractive force of the +3 charge on the nucleus. When the 2s electron is some distance from the nucleus, it “sees” not only the +3 charge on the nucleus but also the two negative charges close by. The overall effect is almost as though two of the three positive charges on the nucleus are canceled, leaving a net charge of + 1 to hold the outer electron to the atom. This situation can also be described by saying that the effective nuclear charge is close to +1.

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