Top Engineering Branches: Which One Would You Choose?


Staple engineering branches like Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering remain a hot favourite among Indian students but slowly new emerging courses like Nanotechnology, Genetic Engineering and Polythene & Pipeline Engineering are also gaining steam.

It is extremely difficult to make a choice between any two top engineering branches.

With JEE Advanced results 2014 declared, students want to know whether they should go for a traditional course or contemporary one.Let’s discuss what points you should keep in mind while choosing your engineering course:

  • New engineering fields seem exciting but if you really want to pursue a career in them, there are many other factors you might want to consider:

1. How many engineering colleges in India and abroad offer the course?

2. Is the course popular and well-accepted by the industry?

3. Is the college (where you can get admission and is affordable for you) is recognised for the course by concerned authorities and the industry?

4. What are job opening projections for related jobs four to five years down the line (in India and abroad) – when you will be graduating the course?

5. What are the remuneration packages offered to fresh graduates in the fields the engineering stream can lead you to?

This does not mean that you should stay away from the new engineering courses. Sometimes, lack of awareness is a reason why a perfectly good course is not accepted by students. Hence, do your research and then, take an informed decision.

  • Often, emerging engineering branches take some time to get stabilized. You might not get facilities like an exhaustive library or qualified faculty for the new courses at your engineering institute which are easily available to students of more traditional engineering fields. So, you genuinely should have a passion for the field and a knack for innovation and research to be successful in a contemporary engineering branch.

Being an early bird has its advantages too. There will be limited number of students (and other field specialists and experts in your career life) to compete with and chances of getting an attractive remuneration package are quiet high.

  • No engineering branch is introduced in a college until there is definitely an industry need to guide it. But recently, our very old Civil Engineering has made a glorious comeback among the top engineering branches in India. Infrastructure projects rolled out by the government for the next few years are the reasons why Civil Engg has suddenly become so popular again.

  • Computer Science & Engineering (CSE), and Information Technology or IT may have some differences in terms of syllabus they cover but job opportunities and placements they lead to are almost similar in nature. These streams are good for students who have a good IQ level, love to tinker with computer hardware and software, and have strong mathematical and logical skills.

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