Civil Engineering

What is it about?

Civil Engineering includes designing, planning, and executing structural workings. The profession deals with a wide range of engineering tasks including designing, construction, and supervision activities of public works like Civil Engineeringbridges, roads, tunnels, airports, buildings, dams, sewage systems, water works, ports etc. Civil engineering offers a multitude of challenging career opportunities for students. A civil engineer is responsible for planning and designing a project, then constructing the project to the required scale and finally maintenance of the project. Civil Engineering is the oldest engineering discipline after military engineering, it was defined to distinguish from military engineering. It’s traditionally broken into several sub-disciplines including structural engineering and environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering, coastal engineering, transportation engineering, materials engineering, water resources engineering, construction engineering and surveying. Civil Engineering takes place at all levels- in the public sector from municipal through to federal levels and in the private sector from individual homeowners through to international companies.

Further Study options

After completing a B.Tech/BE, one can opt for M.Tech /MS in various specializations such as Transportation Systems, Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Remote Sensing, Environmental Engineering & Management and Hydraulic & Water Resources etc.

Areas of work

A Civil Engineer will deal with the design, creation, and maintenance of infrastructure, such as buildings, roads, bridges, tunnels, river & shipping lanes, dams,industrial & power plants etc.

Sometimes civil engineers also supervise construction of built environments, but normally they are not involved in the design of the same.

Main Subjects

  • Building Technology

  • Structural Analysis & Design

  • Design of Hydraulic Structures

  • Architecture and Town Planning

  • Surveying

  • Strength of Materials

Placement Opportunities

  • DMRC


  • Reliance Infra

  • L&T (ECC)

  • LNJ Bhilwara Group

  • Jaypee

  • Jaiprakash Associates

Course Features

  • Video Lectures
  • Revision Notes
  • Previous Year Papers
  • Mind Map
  • Study Planner
  • NCERT Solutions
  • Discussion Forum
  • Test paper with Video Solution