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Physics Faculty For IIT JEE Main/Advanced & NEET (AIPMT)/AIIMS – Abhilash Sharma

Name: Abhilash Sharma
Subject: Physics
Years of Experience: 4 Years




Graduated from IIT Madras in Electrical Engineering, he was very clear from day one that he has to change the way kids learn physics. He is popularly known as “Physics Geek” among the students.

Abhilash sir has an experience of more than 4 years in Physics coaching for JEE and Medical entrance examination. Prior to this he was associated with TIME and Career Point, Kota.

With him students not just learn physics but live physics in day-to-day life. His students are spread all over the world, some are in IITs, some NITs & some are studying in US Universities.

He made his students believe that physics is beyond equations. After meeting him even other experts wished that they had such expertise.

What Students say about this Tutor!!!!


Mishkat (Class – 11)

Abhilash sir is very friendly and his method of explaining is very interesting and we do quite a lot of questions in class and the daily amount of portion done in class is perfect since we dont do too much or too less in his sessions.


Joyal (Class – 11)

Abhiliash sir is really good in explaining things the way we understand.I feel really comfortable studying with him


Rama (Class – 11)

nice teaching , abhilash sharma


Ashwath (Class – 11)

my tutor , Abhilash sharma helps me understand derivations and concepts by explaining in a simple way , making it easy for me to understand


Seerat Parmar (Class – 11)

Abhilash sir is very interactive in class and makes everything seem easy


Piyush Thakar (Class – 11)

He is very nice sir..i mean Mr.Abhilash Sharma.He explains concept very well..


Sagar Kumar (Class – 11)

I want Abhilash Sir to make us solve more questions and give Us more homework.....


Syed Ismail Hussain (Class – 11)

Abhilash sir is Best


Rama (Class – 11)

Abhilash sir , teaches good application of concepts


Syed Ismail Hussain (Class – 11)

Abhilash sir is the best Physics master and he is very good in teaching


Deepak Satheesan (Class – 11)

Abhilash sir is LITERALLY THE BEST TEACHER I'VE EVER HAD in Physics. I can understand everything that he teaches, and I'd love to have him for my regular classes too. It's a sincere request.


Ankit Adarsh (Class – 12)

Our physics faculty Mr.Abhilash sir is very good his way of solving numericals is very simple and his lecture is also very simple he did not use hard language in the lectures so that we can understand all the theory in a simple way.


Joy Deep Paira (Class – 11)

Abhilash Sir is very friendly and helpful. He clear our doubts nicely and repeatedly if anyone is unable to understand a particular thing twice, thrice or as much times.


Syed Abeed Hussain (Class – 11)

Abhilash sharma is good tutor my child is fully understanding his way of teaching.

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