Faculty For IIT JEE Main/Advanced – Mr Vora

Vora Sir

Name: Mr Vora
Subject: Mathematics
Years of Experience: 4 Years




Mr Vora is from the IIT 2010 batch. He is known as the Math’s Mentor by his students. Earlier Askiitians he was associated with Bosh India.

He is teaching for the last 4 years. His core areas are Algebra, Calculus, Trigonometry, and Mathematical Reasoning. He is one of our finest in house faculties. His methodology of teaching not only preferred by students but also their parents are confident about his teaching skills. Last year 105 students out of 125 students were selected in JEE advance by his mentorship.

Students say, his teaching skills and problem-solving ability are easy to adopt. “My daughter had Math’s phobia until last to last year. This year I enrolled her in foundation program offered by Askiitians and we got Vora sir as our mentor, now my daughter under his guidance scored 94 out of 100 in her class 10 board exam, I am confident about her, now she can easily full fill her dreams to IITs”

He generally says: Math’s is a core subject which helps the student groom their aptitude skills from childhood. So a strong math’s basics are highly required to crack any competitive exams weather its JEE or any other in future.

What Students say about this Teacher!!!!


Rama (Class – 11)

nice teaching, Vora sir


Abhinav G V

He teaches good and very nice. he deserves promotion.



I actually like his classes.He teaches very nicely and makes us solve a lot of problems .


kavya parthasarathy

Student understands clearly concepts taught


Venkata Rohit

Excellent and very thorough. Makes enjoyable the studies and eases the students studying period. Thank you sir.


Shweta Mary Varghese

The sessions have been extremely useful for me in my school, as well as other exams.


Abhinav G V

He is amazing..give him promotion yaar


Devansh Ponda

Classes are very informative, concise and enjoyable....!


Siddhangana Sinha

Sir is a very nice teacher. He gives higher level questions in class which are really awesome. I hope he always keeps doing advanced sums so it would help us in cracking competitive exams in future.


Vinit Sinha

Best Teacher!


Syed Ismail Hussian (Class – 11)

NIISHANT VORA sir is an awesome teacher as well as friend.He teaches us in a friendly manner


Rohit (Class – 12)

Sir is just the best teacher. His style of teaching is amazing I just want him to slow down a bit.


Kaustubh Gupta (SAT Maths Score: 700/800)

Mr. Vora teaches Mathematics exceptionally well. He has a knack of drilling certain concepts easily. He takes well graded examples and at times gives an introspection into what students tend to do wrong and how to avoid it. He regularly conducts Doubt Removal Sessions (DRS) which are of an immense help.


Apurv Yashwardhan

Classes are going awesome..!


Arvind sista

I wonder, what checks you have in place to check the students are doing the home work and test series and no quarterly review of their performance. This is a draw back in the system, and you have to make the students accountable.


Ritesh kr chaudhary

I enjoy mathematics in Sir's class


CH Sindhu

There nothing much to say. everything is going fine................:)


Shawn Thomas

Classes are great and we are going at a good pace with the portions. Sir is an excellent tutor and keeps the class interesting and fun. He also reaches out to all of us and makes sure we have understood concepts. Overall, Mathematics lectures with Sir have been great.


Aishwarya Jayachandran

I had sent a feedback on Mr. Aziz Alam, but I would also like to add that his classes are very interesting and lively.


Aishwarya Jayachandran

He is an excellent tutor. He makes sure that every student is involved in learning by having the students on video during his class.


Aishwarya Jayachandran

He teaches well, but I wish he goes a little slow



Sir has started solving a lot more questions in class and so it's nice


Samir Roy

I think the classes would be more effective if the pace of the class is reduced.


Aishwarya Jayachandran

Sir is doing well. I would suggest that he keep a DRS session after every chapter just for clearing doubts. This would enable the students to clear the chapter related doubts.



i like sir way of teaching, he is excellent.


Cathleen Benny

He has taught me that no question is impossible. Thank you so much sir!


Chirag Vashist

He is fast and has made maths a thing of pleasure .


Brahadeesh Suresh

He is a very good math tutor.


Pratima Yadav

I am understanding maths very well as sir is teaching well in the class


Sindhu Ch

There is nothing much to say about sir. He is the best  maths I have ever learned...... Thank you Nishat sir for being my maths teacher.


Adil Majeed

Sir is....Genius, Brilliant, Awesome, Cool and a lot more!!!


Ramesh Sundaram

Sir is a really amazing teacher and I have no problems.


Venugopal Pandey

His teaching skills are good. He is interacting with the students very well and also solves problems. He should give emphasis on Board questions also. It is suggested that when we cover a topic in a subject then all types of questions which can be twisted should be made aware so that the student don't get confused seeing any typical questions. This will build up the full confidence in the student.


Cathleen Benny

He clears the doubts really well. He gives shortcuts and so for some particular questions which is helpful.


Pulkesh Jindal

There's nothing to say about him.....he is a good teacher...but SOMETIMES..i feel s the session is going on a littlt bit faster rate!!But he is a really good teacher



He is awesome, fast and efficient.



Sir teaches good but sometimes I feel that he is fast in teaching so request him to teach at slow pace



Sir is teaching good but I want him to give more homework


Yusuf Ali

I would really appreciate if sir could increase the number of discussed JEE level questions for each topic so that we can learn more for exams


Adil Majeed

good teaching by sir


Cathleen Benny

Sometimes the teacher explains the answer a bit too fast,before I could really understand.


Jayateertha N Deshpande

Sir teaches well but It would be nice to get some more q from the tutor.


Chatakonda Sindhu

he is the best maths sir....


Ashwathy Jairaj

sometimes the topics are taken a bit fast otherwise classes are very good



Sir is also very good. I would just like him to give little more time for some difficult concepts.

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