Physics Faculty For IIT JEE Main/Advanced & NEET (AIPMT)/AIIMS – Mr Mazumdar

Mazumdar Sir

Name: Mr Mazumdar
Subject: Math’s, Physics and Chemistry
Years of Experience: 10 Years




Mr Mazumdar, A PhD professional from IIT Delhi, dedicated his 10 years into teaching IIT JEE aspirants with Physics, Chemistry and Maths. He worked with a lot of reputed organization earlier like Narayana, Pie and Lakshya etc, pioneering him as one of the best teachers for IIT JEE.

He is known for his depth teaching methodology. He teaches on the depth knowledge of each subject of Physics, Chemistry and Maths. He has a strong hold on Chemistry also. Last year among 200 selections 6 among top 10 are from his mentorship. His class helps students not only to clear JEE and Board exams but also helps in future Engineering and Medical studies.

Students say Mr Mazumdar is a genius he is a wizard of JEE coaching. “His classes cleared my depth knowledge on Chemistry, physics and maths in such a way that after getting admission in IIT Mumbai I find them helpful”


What Students say about this Teacher!!!!



Excellent Teaching methodology



The teacher is amazing. He is patient and understanding. I would request him to give more Homework from Reference books.



Hello, Since my son is enrolled in the foundation for IIT course, I would like the teacher to give him more challenging work. Otherwise, we are happy with the teacher. Please make sure that tougher problems are taught and given as homework.


Ayisha Manzoor

The physics class taught by Sir is interesting., audible and clear.


Shubham Om Sinha

I don't really have a connect with him. Though he seems to be a learned faculty but its tough for me to get what he explains many a times. This might not be a problem with everyone in the class. I might be too dumb for his explanations. But then its my feedback.


Janhvi Mandali

Sir and Yash sir are very good. I would request you to make any of them as a permanent math faculty. Please.


Shubham Om Sinha

Sir seem to be a very learned teacher who tries a lot to ensure that every student gets everything he teaches. But sometimes he seems to be irritated when I don't get something and ask it more than thrice. I mean it can totally be due to my dumbness (yes I feel too dumb during his classes) but still it cuases me to hesitate when I have doubt.


Pranjal Goel

sir is an excellent teacher. He knows exactly whats there in our syllabus and whats not, and doesn't use sarcastic remarks even when we ask small, or easy questions, and explains everything properly.


Vatsal Badami

Sometimes the teacher teaches a bit faster.

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