what is ment by momentum give proper answer write mention below

what is ment by momentum
give proper answer write mention below

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6 years ago
the quantity of motion of a moving body, measured as a product of its mass and velocity.
did you under standerd i hope
Umakant biswal
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6 years ago
@ rama 
u can define momentum as a product of mass and velocity or 
P = M * v 
EXAMPLE – A GREATER force is needed for stopping or pushing a heavier body than a lighter body for a given speed . 
Himanshu Mishra
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6 years ago
Momentum is like an energy (Be very catious, I don`t mean that its energy).When you give an object (say A) some momentum, you are acutally giving it some energy.You are changing it state of motion.Once you gave momentum to an object no matter what happens to the object that momentum would always be conserved.The defination of momentum is that its a product of mass and velocity of an object.p=mvAnd the change in momentum per unit time gives us force, applied to bring out that change.F=▲mv\tThe object A to which some momentum was given by applying a force, may collide with another object B and then may move in a different direction, giving some of the momentum to the object B.But after the collosion the sum of momentums of A & B would still be equal to the momentum you applied initially on the object A.Hope that help. ;)

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