sin^2 6°-sin^2 12°+sin^2 18°-sin^2 24°......15 solve it Urgent

sin^2 6°-sin^2 12°+sin^2 18°-sin^2 24°......15 solve it     

Grade:12th pass

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Vivek kumar
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7 years ago
Not any people get my answer why. You can no give answer my question I am join this site
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7 years ago
If you want to get the solution quick you should post your question in clear manner.
Its not clear what you wnat us to solve, and what does 15 at the end of question means?
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7 years ago
Ajay, the complete qution isSolution issin^2 6°-sin^2 12°+sin^2 18°-sin^2 24°..... upto 15 terms.sin 78°=0sin 42°+sin 54°+ sin 66°++sin 18° sin 6°+ where)=0.5 (your required answer),sin 78°sin 42°+sin 54°+ sin 66°++sin 18°(sin 6°+ )=0.5-sin 78°sin 42°+sin 54°+ sin 66°+sin 30°+sin 18°+cos 96°+1=1-(sin 6°+ cos 108°+ cos 120°- cos 132°+ sin^2 54°-sin^2 60°+sin^2 66°-sin^2 72°+sin^2 78°-sin^2 84°+sin^2 90°=cos 168°-cos 156°+cos 144°-sin^2 6°-sin^2 12°+sin^2 18°-sin^2 24°+sin^2 30°-sin^2 36°+sin^2 42°-sin^2 48°+

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