i want to know all about general solutions

i want to know all about general solutions


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14 years ago

Hi vignesh kumar

Simply general solution means that your final expression include  all the posible answer of that qusetion

Lets take an example

Question : Sin(x)=0

                  Find  the value of x ?


Solution   now if i want to solve this question then we can easly say that x=0 is tha solution.

              but if you further see that x= ∏ is also its solution

               similarly x=2∏ is also its solution

              similarly we have more solution

              Now we can right all these solution in a single expression

                x=n∏ is its solution for n= 0,1,-1,2,-2,3,-3.........

so what we have done here

 we have just generalise our solution by using a variable n


So x=n∏ is general solution for given question


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vignesh kumar
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14 years ago


thank you for the answer.

could you please tell me more about general solutions, ie., the formulae etc.?



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