Why baby feel more cold than addult so they are wrapped in warmer clothes

Why baby feel more cold than addult so they are wrapped in warmer clothes


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Umakant biswal
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6 years ago
@ saurav 
in baby , less fats are present , and fat are the main thing that helps the adult to stay warm during cold days , 
and the 2nd thing the thermoregulation capacity are not fully developed in the case of baby than in adults , 
so, tahts will be the reason 
dolly bhatia
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6 years ago
Baby has a much weaker and more vulnerable immune system than an adult man. The baby still has to learn to defend itself against any type of virus or disease. That is why, babies also get what is called immunization vaccines against deadly types of diseases which the baby’s body is not strong enough to handle or fight back against. It also gives the baby a warm, cuddled up feeling in cold winter. Does not a grown-up man also enjoy being wrapped in nice warm bed-sheets on a cold winter night? Surely, they do in order to be protected.
Babies are young and more prone to get affected by weather changes than adults, for the simple reason that they are small, so lesser area for getting affected.
Adults are capable of covering themselves depending on their requirement under low temperatures but babies do not have their own will. So, adults ensure that they are properly covered and there is no chance of cold weather affecting the child.
Babies are used to staying in a warm and comfortable place in their mothers wombs but when they come out, cold weather affects them more than it affects adults who are already used to the surrounding atmosphere.

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