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Are there any natural processes that are reversible?

Are there any natural processes that are reversible?


1 Answers

Aditi Chauhan
askIITians Faculty 396 Points
6 years ago
Reversible process:- It is a process which can be made to proceed in the reverse direction by a very slight change in its conditions so that the system passes through the same states as in direct process, and at the conclusion of which the system and its surroundings acquire the initial conditions. All isothermal and adiabatic process when allowed to proceed slowly, are reversible, provided there is no loss of energy against any type of resistance such as friction, viscosity. Some examples of natural process which are reversible are given below.

(1) Formation of water molecule (H2O) from hydrogen molecule (H2) and oxygen molecule (O2).
(2) The change of phase at boiling or freezing of water.
(3) Dissolution of salt into water.

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