what is difference between ideal gas and real gas

what is difference between ideal gas and real gas


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naveen chikkala
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11 years ago

a hypothetical gas with molecules of negligible size that exert no intermolecular forces is called ideal gas and the real gas is the gas which have the molecules of negligible size that exerts the some attractions and repulsions....

ashok kumar
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11 years ago

The difference between an ideal gas and a real gas is that real gases will not strictly follow the laws established for ideal gases, because of real-world characteristics.

An ideal gas can follow the formula PV=nRT
(P - pressure, V - volume, n - amount of moles, R - Avogrado constant, T - absolute temperature)

A real gas does not always follow this formula.

  • An ideal gas is infinitely compressible, a real gas will condense to a liquid at some pressure.
  • The particles of an ideal gas lose no energy to its container. A real gas conducts and radiates heat, thereby losing energy.
  • There is no attraction between the molecules of an ideal gas. A real gas has particle attractions.
Aishwarya Ponugoti
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6 years ago
1. Ideal gas obeys gas laws at all temperature and pressure, whereas real gas obeys gas laws in limited range of temperature and pressure.2. Ideal gas is an imaginary gas whereas all naturally existing gases are real gases.3. Ideal gas has only kinetic energy, whereas real gas has kinetic energy and potential energy.4. Collisions of ideal gas particles is elastic, whereas collision of real gas particles is non-elastic.5. Ideal gas molecules do not exert intermolecular forces on eachother, whereas real gases exert attractive and repulsive forces.6. The volume occupied by the ideal gas molecule is negligible as compared to the large volume of the container, whereas real gas molecule has considerable volume which has to be considered.
Subhaga Sahu
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6 years ago
Ideal gases does not have volumeWhereas real gases does have volume since they are made up of molecules or atoms typically take up some space even though are extremely small.

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