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umesh chandrakant shah Grade: 12

Sun is a fire ball of gas and is very hot. Now we know that as we go upward tempeature of the atmosphear decreases, more we go up temp will further decrease. That means if, we go up and up towards the sun we must feel very cold. My question is what we feel when we approach towards the sun hot bern or cold bern? Why? Please explain. Thanks.

8 years ago

Answers : (1)

Ramesh V
70 Points

Hi friend,

When we talk about the temperature of air (or water), what we're really referring to is the average energy of the molecules.To understand it , we can look at what a temperature actually is, and what space actually is.

           When we’re measuring the temperature of something, what we’re really talking about is the energy of the molecules in it. It has to do with the density of the molecules, which in turn helps determine how often they run into one another. If they don’t run into one another, they never really lose their initial energy.

Space is a very different place. Most of space is a near vacuum, and so there are very few molecules for us to even talk about having a temperature. Also, because of the low densities, atoms and molecules don't collide very often, and can be far from equilibrium.

The short answer is that the temperature in space is approximately 3 Kelvin. That means the universe is generally just 3 degrees above absolute zero – the temperature at which molecules themselves stop moving.

The Sun is  really, really hot.The temperature on the Sun's surface (photosphere) is 6,000 degrees Celsius. That's extremely hot, and gives the Sun's light its yellow color. If the Sun were any cooler, it would be more of a reddish color. And if the Sun were hotter, it would look blue. The Sun is hot enough to give off the white yellow light that we see.(VIBGYOR sequence red has least energy to violet)
In the center (core), the temperature is an incredible 15,000,000 (15 million) degrees Celsius.

Hope the answer helps you....but this is actually a more complicated question than it sounds....

8 years ago
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