Why don't electrons get stuck in the nucleus?

Why don't electrons get stuck in the nucleus?


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sumit kumar
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9 years ago
Electrons revolve around the nucleus in the orbitals of fixed energy. They neither absorb energy nor release energy as long as they are moving within a particular orbital but they do so during electronic transitions. Electronc transition iss a process in which an electron jumps to an other energy level from its original energy level known as exicited and ground states respectively and finally comes back into its original energy level. Electrons either absorb or emit energy during this. When electron moves from low energy level to high energy level, the absorb energy and vice-versa.
But within a particular energy level or orbital the energy of electron remains constant. These is no loss in energy of the electron as long as it is moving in its orbital. As the energy remains constant, its distance from the nucleaus also rmains fixed. An electron can collide with the nucleus only when its energy becomes zero but this never happens practically.
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