what are factors which influence adsorption of gas on solid?

what are factors which influence adsorption of gas on solid?

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Factors Affecting Adsorption of Gases by Solids:
Almost all the solids adsorb gases to some extent. However, the exact amount of a gas adsorbed depends upon a number of factors, as briefly explained below:

1. Nature of surface area of the adsorbent : Greater the surface area of the adsorbent, greater is the volume of the gas adsorbed.

2. Nature of the gas being adsorbed : A gas which is more easily liquefiable or is more soluble in water is more readily adsorbed.

3. Temperature : Adsorption decreases with increase of temperature.

4. Pressure : At constant temperature, the adsorption of a gas increases with increase of pressure.

5. Activation of the solid adsorbent : Increasing the adsorbing power of an adsorbent by increasing the surface are of the adsorbent.


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