why do elements like copper iron show variable valency .plzzz explain.............

why do elements like copper iron show variable valency .plzzz explain.............

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rohithkumar bunny
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13 years ago

Because copper and iron have same number of electrons in outermost orbit

manu saxena
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13 years ago

The IUPAC definition limits valence to the maximum number of univalent atoms that may combine with the atom, that is the maximum number of valence bonds that is possible for the given element.
The oxidation state of an atom in a molecule gives the number of valence electrons it has gained or lost. In contrast to the valency number, the oxidation state can be positive (for an electropositive atom) or negative (for an electronegative atom). 
Not only d block elements have variable valency, Oxygen, Nitrogen, etc., some inert pair effected elements also having variable oxidation state

AdrOIt S
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13 years ago

i think this is due to inert pair effect because when there is an increase in numbr of orbitals the electrons of outer most shell do held tightly and hence they do show variable oxidation states. infact not only copper, iron, nd d- blok elements but others do so for example thallium, lead, etc. summing up the d nd f orbitals show poor screening effect. hence the case so.

rohithkumar bunny
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12 years ago

because they have variable electronic configuration

Padmakshi Singh
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6 years ago
Since noble gases do not enter into any chemical reaction, it can be safely concluded that any element, having two and only two electrons or 8 electrons in its valence shell, will tend to be chemically inactive 

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