How many sigma bonds are there in the molecule C60. Pl explain

How many sigma bonds are there in the molecule C60. Pl explain


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Ritvik Gautam
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13 years ago

The number of sigma bonds in C60 will be 180 sigma bonds.

Since all the carbon atoms are in a ring. so every carbon atom is attached to two other carbon atoms. Also, every carbon atom is attached with two hydrogen atoms.

In a way, C60 can be represented as

(C-)60 with two hydrogen atoms attached to every carbon atom. That means, every carbon atoms has three sigma bonds and there are 60 carbon atoms in all.


Total Number Of Carbon Atoms = No. Of Sigma Bonds in a single carbon atom x Total number of carbon atoms

= 3 x 60

= 180 sigma bonds.

Rathod Shankar AskiitiansExpert-IITB
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13 years ago

Dear Prithvraj dhar,

Carbon 60  it has  20 hexagon and 12 pentagon faces 60 vertices( 60 carbons)

These vertices are formed at the junction of two hexagons and a pentagon.

90 edges  = 90 covalent sigma bonds 




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