why 1-methylpropene is more stable than but-2-ene?

why 1-methylpropene is more stable than but-2-ene?


3 Answers

Anurag Kshatri
36 Points
9 years ago
Are you mad both are the same compound.
Subhadip Khamaru
20 Points
9 years ago
not me it seems that u r mad @anurag
Debapriyo Roy
26 Points
6 years ago
Iso-butene is actually 2-Methylpropene. And since there is a double bond present, it undergoes resonance (and has 3 canonical forms) thereby releasing resonance energy. But even But-2-ene can undergo resonance. The answer lies in the fact that when resonance takes place in 2-Butene (or But-2-ene, its the same thing), and it forms 3 canonical forms, there is charge separation in 2 of the 3 canonical forms resulting is lesser stability of those forms and consequently that of the resonance hybrid.

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