What is conjugated system resonance?

What is conjugated system resonance?


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aconjugated systemis a system of connectedp-orbitalswithdelocalized electronsin compounds with alternating single and multiplebonds, which in general may lower the overall energy of the molecule and increase stability.Lone pairs,radicalsorcarbenium ionsmay be part of the system. The compound may becyclic, acyclic, linear or mixed.

Conjugationis theoverlapof one p-orbital with another across an interveningsigma bond(in larger atoms d-orbitals can be involved).

A conjugated system has a region of overlapping p-orbitals, bridging the interjacent single bonds. They allow a delocalization ofpi electronsacross all the adjacent aligned p-orbitals.The pi electrons do not belong to a single bond oratom, but rather to a group of atoms.

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