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Grade: 12th pass
Sir please answer this question.I need it very urgent.
one year ago

Answers : (1)

Yash Arora
32 Points
first see the total number of permutations of this word i.e. 5!/2!=60. We need to find the 50th word, hence start from A-
  1. Let the first word be A then the remaining can be arranged in 4! ways = 24ways
  2. Then take othe as G (in increasing order) ,and the rest can be arranged in ( 4!/2! ways (i divedes by 2! as A is repeating 2 times) =12 ways).
  3. Take the next word as “I” and the rest can be again arranged in 12 ways.
            Till here we are done with  24+12+12 = 48 words.
       4. Now take N and the first word to be formed from N will be NAAGI(49th word)  …... Hence 50th word will be NAAIG.
             This must be te answer to this problem....
         Regards :)
one year ago
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