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How to distinguish between (but 1 ene and but 2 ene ) and ( but 1 yne and but 2 yne)

How to distinguish between (but 1 ene and but 2 ene ) and ( but 1 yne and but 2 yne)


1 Answers

Vatsal Bhargava
24 Points
5 years ago
In alkenes and alkynes the longest chain is taken which contains all the multiple bonds so in butene, that contains 4 carbon atoms we have two choices and not four. We cannot have but-4-ene and but-3-ene as they are they are technically but-1-ene and but-2-ene respectively when flipped. So count from any side, for example left side and when u reach the second carbon atom,draw a double bond between the second and the next. You have successfully drawn but-2-ene. Now draw a double bond between first and second for but-1-ene. If the structure is given and u are confused na bro if it's 1 or 2 or 3 or whatever. Start counting from the side where double or triple bond is closer from and the number on which u reach the multiple bond will be the required number that is 1,2 or any other number. Hope u like the answer

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