How do you name benzene based compunds?

How do you name benzene based compunds?


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askIITians Faculty 164 Points
9 years ago
Nomenclature of Benzene derived compounds :

1)Simple Aromatic compounds : Common substituents like NO2,Cl, Br etc.
When only single substituent is present then bromo chloro and iodo, nitro is added as prefix to the benzene.
For eg : Chlorobenzene, Nitrobenzene

When more than one substituent are present then position of substituent is determined.for numbering simple nomenclature are followed of priority.
3) Instead of using numbering we can use ortho mata and para for disubstituted benzenes
for eg :
1-3 chlorobenzene can also be named as meta chlorobenzene
for 1-4 disubstituted we can use para
for 1-2 we can use ortho.

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