Give Classification of lipids

Give Classification of lipids


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Based on their chemical composition, lipids are classified as follows:

(A) Simple lipids (homo lipids): Simple lipids are alcohol esters of fatty acids which include,

1. Neutral fats (glycerides): Also known as triglcerides, these are triesters of fatty acids and glycerol.

2. Waxes: These are esters of fatty acids with long chain monohydroxy alcohols.

These have higher melting points than neutral fats.

(B) Compound lipids (heterolipids): Lipids with additional groups are called compound lipids. These include:

1. Phospholipids (phosphatids): These contain additional groups e.g., a phosphoric acid, nitrogen containing bases and other substituents.

2. Glycolipids: These are esters of fatty acids with carbohydrates, and may contain nitrogen but no phosphorus.

(C) Derived lipids: These are the substances derived from simple and compound lipids by hydrolisis. These include fatty acids, fatty alcohols, mono and digglycerides, steroids, terpenes and carotenoids.

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