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Grade: 11

Explain Condensation Polymerization

11 years ago

Answers : (1)

askIITIians Expert
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Condensation Polymerization:

When each of the two reacting molecules has only one functional group, the reaction stops after one step. Acetic acid and ethyl alcohol react to form ethyl acetate in one step:

H3CCOOH + C2H5OH-------> H3CCOOC2H5 + H20

When one of the following reacting molecules is bifunctional and the other one is  monofunctional, e.g., acetic acid and ethylene-glycol,

H3CCOOH + HOCH2CH2OH--------->

H3CCOOCH2CH2OH + H2O                  (I)

H3CCOOCH2CH2OH + CH3COOH  ----------->

H3CCOOCH2CH2OCOCH3                   (II)

When both the reactants are bifunctional, they undergo a series of condensation reactions in a controlled step wise manner with the elimination of water to form polymers, and the process is called condensation polymerization.

11 years ago
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