how to make resonating structure?

how to make resonating structure?


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Amit Askiitiansexpert
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14 years ago

     These are few rules to keep in mind when drawing the structures.


  • Molecules that require description with resonance are those for which we can write two or more Lewis structures that differ only in the position of electrons


    • If the structures differ in the position of atoms, they are isomers, not resonance structures



  • Because they differ only in the positions of electrons, we can show how resonance structures are related by showing the electron motions that would change one resonance structure into the other.



  • It is customary to use a double-headed arrow to connect resonance structures; do not mistake this for the double arrow indicating equilibrium.



  • Only unshared electrons and electrons that are part of multiple bonds (p-bonds) can be moved in drawing resonance structures; that is, resonance can occur only in those parts of molecules that are composed of sp or sp2 atoms; p orbitals are an absolute requirement for resonance!

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