what is quantum number?

what is quantum number?



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Spandan Bandyopadhyaya
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10 years ago

any muber designating the location of an electron in an atom

Prabir Saha
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10 years ago

quantum numbers are called the address of electrons...4 quantum numbers-principal quantum number(n),azimuthal quantum number(l),magnetic quantum number(m) and spin quantum number(s).n tells us about the size of a shell,l about the no of subshells,m about the no of orbitals,s about the spin orientation of eloectron...

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10 years ago

A large number of orbitals are possible in a atom.Qualitatively these orbitals are distinguished by their size,shape and orientation.The atomic orbitals are precisively distinguished by what known as Quantum number.

there are four types of Quantum numbers.They are:

1,Principal Quantum number.

2,Azimuthal Quantum number.

3,magnetic Quantum number.

4,Spin Quantum number.

chandra sekhar makka
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10 years ago

quantum numbers are those which give a complete idea about an orbital and its characteristics i.e. its shape,energy,orientation in magnetic field etc

Prajwal kr
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10 years ago
Quantum mechanics is the quantization of observable quantities, and hence quantum numbers are discrete sets of integers which describe specifically the energies of electrons in atoms, but other possibilities include angular momentum, spin, etc.
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10 years ago
qutanum no tells us about the shape and orientation of an electron according to quantum mechanics......there are 4 sets of quantum number that are principal quantum no(n) = it determines the shell in which the electron is present azimuthal quantum no(l)=it determines the 3-d shape of the orbital......l=0 to (n-1) magnetic quantum no= it determines the sub shell.. spin quantum no =it determines the spin of the orbital can contain 2 electron with opposite spin that is equal to=+1/2 or -1/2

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