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what is the chemical structure of chewing gum?

what is the chemical structure of chewing gum?


5 Answers

Raghuvaran varan Chandragiri
37 Points
8 years ago

chemical structure of chewing gum

seethayya Barri
34 Points
8 years ago


naninagaraju sivacharan lakshmi narsing
34 Points
8 years ago

The chemical structure of chewing gum:

that is the structure of chewing gum


if you any doubts on chewing gum please open  the google and search for it......

thanks for asking these questions....

Khandavalli Satya Srikanth
38 Points
8 years ago

chewing guy made from natural rubber latex and poly iso butylene.(Structure of chewing gum is given as image shown)

bhaveen kumar
38 Points
8 years ago

Originally, chewing gum was made from the latex sap of the sapodilla tree (native to Central America). This sap was called chicle. Other natural gum bases may be used, such as sorva and jelutong. Sometimes beeswax or paraffin wax is used as a gum base. After World War II, chemists learned to make synthetic rubber, which came to replace most natural rubber in chewing gum (e.g., polyethylene and polyvinyl acetate). The last U.S. manufacturer to use chicle is Glee Gum.

In addition to the gum base, chewing gum contains sweeteners, flavorings, and softeners. Softeners are ingredients such as glycerin or vegetable oil that are used to blend the other ingredients and help prevent the gum from becoming hard or stiff.

Neither natural nor synthetic latex are readily degraded by the digestive system. However, if you swallow your gum it will almost certainly be excreted, usually in pretty much the same condition as when you swallowed it. However, frequent gum swallowing may contribute to the formation of a bezoar or enterolith, which is a sort of intestinal stone.

chemical formula:-----


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