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why p-nitro toluene is higher boiling point than o-nito toluene ?

why p-nitro toluene is higher boiling point than o-nito toluene ? 

Grade:12th Pass

3 Answers

Nishanth Karthik FIITJEE
19 Points
8 years ago

intermolecular hydroen bonding

anurag bhattacharjee
42 Points
8 years ago

There would be  intermolecular hydrogen bonding between different -NO2 molecules present in the compound at para position of p-nitro tolune and so a large amount of energy is required to overcome this force of attraction between them and so B.point increases.But in ortho nitro tolune,the oxygen in -NO2 group can easily form hydrogen bond with any of the 3 hydrogen present in   -CH3 group and so it prefers to form intramolecular hydrogen bonding.As a result it becomes stable but isolated molecules and so it becomes volatile to some extend and it,s B.P Decreases.  


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Mohammed Suliman
14 Points
8 years ago

The term hydrogen bonding is used to describe dipole–dipole attractive forces of this type. The proton involved must be bonded to an electronegative element, usually oxygen or nitrogen.

Protons in C-H bonds do not participate in hydrogen bonding.  Hydrogen bonding can be expected in molecules that have -OH or - NH groups . so there is no hydrogen bond in the o-nitrotoluene

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