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explain me the concept of SN1 and SN2 reaction with mechanism???

explain me the concept of SN1 and SN2 reaction with mechanism???



2 Answers

Likith Narayan ss
19 Points
9 years ago

SN2-bimolecularnuclophilic substitution reaction and SN1 is unimolecularsubstitution reaction.

for SN2


eg:CH3-Cl+OH- ---->CH3-OH+CL-

Rate depends on concentration of CH3-Cl and OH-

its order of reactivity is primary>secondary>tertiary

here strong base is used

it occurs in single step

intially the bond between CH3 and Cl is broken and OH- is added to Ch3


For SN1

tertiary alkyl halide reacts with weak base

rate depends on concentration of alkyl halide

here order of reactivity is tertiary>secondary>primary

it occurs in two steps

intially tertiary carbocation is formed and in second step  nucleophile is added

note: i cant write equation for SN1 due to bond representation between carbon

riddhi debnath
18 Points
9 years ago

i also wanted sn1 and sn2 mechanism...please explain me with the help of mechanism

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