aniline does not give fridalcraft reaction, why?

aniline does not give fridalcraft reaction, why?

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3 Answers

Anirban nayak
14 Points
11 years ago

amine group present in aniline undergoes lewis acid base reaction with catalyst aluminium there is no more aluminium chloride left for reaction to take place . however if aluminium chloride is taken in excess , some meta isomer is produced.

Sarthak Chaturvedi
18 Points
11 years ago

This is because in presence of AlCl3, reaction occurs between NH2 group of aniline & AlCl3.

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5 years ago
Because of NH2 has Lewis Base character then aniline reacts with Lewis acid AlCl3 and inhibit the synthesis of electrophile Which is necessary to attack on benzene ring

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